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Hello to our current and future friends.

This is  IDEA HOME.

The name probably rings a bell and you are not mistaken.

IDEA HOME Ltd. is a Bulgarian construction and investment company.

For more than 10 years now, our team has been designing, investing, and building first-rate residential buildings in Sofia whose value has sustainably been increasing over time.

Our rule "The client is to have the dream home” underlies each and every project of the company.

We construct impeccable buildings at most convenient locations with high accessibility and communications, all realized with the best materials and engineering practices and in compliance with the latest European standards for construction and energy efficiency.

We create our buildings paying an uncompromising attention to detail, precise performance, and a perfect proportion of aesthetics to functionality!

All of this contributes to the fact that the people who have found their homes with us do feel cosy and comfortable. This inevitably leads us forward.

Our confidence in success is the result of customer satisfaction along with the inspiration to work, putting our heart and soul into every next project!

The buildings of IDEA HOME are not merely a business, but rather a long-term relationship with the client, a bridge we walk across together with a steady look into the future and hopes for a better city for all of us!



About us


Ivailo Mitev

+359 / 894 304 305

Tsvetomira Stoycheva

+359 / 888 38 7000

Miroslava Georgieva

+359 / 897 099 129

Alexander Dobrovolski

+359 / 897 099 129

Blagoy Tomov

+359 / 878 128 255

Georgi Zahanov

+359 / 894 304 321

Grigor Aladzhov

+359 / 893 500 189

Kalinka Doycheva

+359 /887 799 934

Konstantin Tenchev

+359 / 894 304 315

Dimitar Mitev

+359 / 876 697 941

Maria Lulcheva

+359 / 887 668 397



Address: 1618 Sofia, №18 Kazbek Str.

Phone: 0700 11 0 11

Mobile: +359/ 894 304 305